Sacrificing Morals

Personally I am quick to sacrifice almost anything in order to succeed with my desires, if necessary, but I put the emphasis on almost. The things that I will never sacrifice are my personal morals no matter what benefits can stem from such. Some of these morals are to always be myself, do my best to do right by others, never be exploited, and to earn what I deem is mine. There is always going to be an “easy” route people will offer if you allow yourself to be exploited to do so but always know that keeping your ethics are difficult in life and also the most rewarding aspect of it.

The urge to blow up quick is where too many children go wrong when they try to venture into the entertainment industry. This is how many get on the casting couch to signing record deals that in no way benefit them. Hope for mass success that people in position can give them is too powerful of a thing, that is often used in predatory fashion. There are too many people out here claiming they know someone or even the manager of someone in order to take full advantage of the gullible. When someone driven by dreams that don’t know any better believes they found a path towards success they will drop their morals if necessary. Sadly most of the time these people are con artists who just get over on this type of person for a living because there are a ton.

There should be things that you would never do in the pursuit of money because doing so will ruin you. Too many models are working for free to get in music videos just to be seen. There are too many girls “trying out” to be seen on WorldStar Hip Hops eye candy when there is no immediate gratification for such. Too many rappers are signing 360 deals insuring debt just to be known as a rapper signed to a record label. So many rappers out here are rapping about a life they don’t lead and making music they don’t abide by in order to fit in with the music industry as is. Always know there are a ton of straight and gay industry executives all the way down to A&Rs that are trying to get sexual favors while feeding you nothing but hope.

The moral to this story, ironically, is to have morals. There definitely has to be a good list of things that you never would do no matter the amount of a prize that lies waiting. Somethings will change you and aren’t worth what is being offered. Also in this industry people always tend to offer you “a chance” to succeed not anything set in stone and for the most part its bullshit. The ability to look back at the decisions you have made and be proud is something too many people in the industry currently can’t do. Always know you can earn your success without sacrificing your ethics.