One thing that annoys me is how people want to be super secretive when it comes to communicating on twitter. I can understand if you are really in the public eye as some people are but not for the majority of us. For the most part people with no notoriety want to go through hurdles when talking to people as if they have something to hide. The reality of it is they are trying to emulate people who have things attempting to make themselves feel more important than what they are. Instead of understanding no one is watching their every move yet and getting things done they make things ten times more difficult.

Have you ever wondered why I don’t make my twitter exclusive? Even when I get a bunch of people sending me messages feeling as though I spam messages I still keep my channel open. I am beginning to get to the point where people will watch what I say but I don’t feel the need to hide anything from anyone. First of all I don’t spam, every message I send to people is designed for a specific reason and each message is unique to the individual. Second I understand that I am not so popular that every message I send will be held against me. Maybe one day people will find the urge to go over my 60k plus tweets seeking means to destroy me but I doubt anyone will find anything or have the patience for such.

Famous people have to beware of what they say because it can take away potential contracts and endorsements. Therefore many of them will not even control their own social media accounts and use them simply as promotion. Others will secretively direct message people which is why we often see people getting conversations leaked. Once that happens there is usually an amount of embarrassment related that can ruin their brand. This is the only reason to go out of your way to never disclose anything on the net. Yet hopes of getting to that level is not a reason to make things difficult for no reason. Just because you want to get to that point doesn’t mean you have to hide messages that mean nothing inconveniencing everyone around you.

The moral to this story is to get business done. Making things more difficult for communication should only be a result of your life becoming more complex not before. Who really cares if before you found success you reached out to people online looking for an opportunity? Who is really in your business so much that you can’t openly speak to people. I am far bigger than most people who reach out to me but for some reason they are the ones moving in secret. Know where you are at in life and act accordingly for the sakes of everyone trying to move forward.