Seeing Your Vision


You can’t expect others to see your vision. Even if it makes complete sense to you and you can explain it flawlessly doesn’t mean others have the willingness or the ability to see it. This is a frustration that everyone who is building towards something experiences. If only someone with means could see your vision and understand the potential in it then things would be much simplier but that is never the case. Those people have their own visions and understanding of life that could very well contradict yours. Therefore all you can do is make your vision a reality and all those who didn’t help will not be involved.


This is something that you will see in simple games like monopoly. There comes a point after all the properties have been purchased where everyone must deal with each other to progress the game. At this point you see how everyone has a different view of value and negotiations aren’t exactly easy. What is fair to you isn’t fair to another making more difficult transactions. It is only until you have leverage over others where your vision becomes seen but by then your terms have drastically shifted in your favor instead of being fair. That is exactly how life works, you come up with fair agreements that people ignore until they can’t anymore, from there it becomes slanted in your favor.


I have been in communication with the likes of needledrop to luke james. People have constantly asked me if I would collaborate with these people and I have said I will leave my options open. I have given these people potential deals that favor them way more than me. Now I won’t go in detail but I made them offers that business men can’t refuse especually after you see my consistency and growth in my market. These people still refused, to the point you can’t pay these people and it is extremely frustrating. Yet I don’t absolutely need them, a co sign would be nice but I am growing everyday slowly. My time will come and for not seeing my vision now many of these known acts will regret it later.


The moral to this story is that you can’t expect anyone to see your vision. No matter how sweet you make things for people to deal with you often they won’t have the vision to take advantage of such. Only when the tables turn and you establish your own success is where these people will come to you. By then its too late, you will only be getting deals in your favor. So the important thing is to build your own and not rely on others to see things as you see fit.