Seeking Outsiders


One thing that I have learned about people is how they always seek outsiders and treat them with more respect than those who have stuck by them from the beginning. You would think people were loyal enough to understand that those who have always held them down are those you trust the most but not so. They will bend over backwards for people they don’t know out of hope they can help them all while the people who are actually helping gets disregarded. People like this must learn the reality of life, that feeling of needing to find someone new to put you on is unrealistic because most others are just as messed up as you.

Keep in mind I have written articles about the need of a plug for you to reach a high level in any industry you choose. This concept still remains true but this doesn’t mean you turn on those close to you seeking new people. You only do that when the people around you are holding you back from achieving. Never forget it is the people closest to you who will do you the worst because they take you for granted but you must be able to tell the difference between them and those who are down. Sadly most people can’t differenciate and turn on people they needed to find any success at all. Its the people who do favors for you when they don’t need to, those who will grind with you because they believe in you, etc. that you should never betray or attempt to replace with new people.

All too often people are so attracted to something new that you forget what you have. This happens in the dating realm all the time. People will cheat on their significant other with someone on a much lower level. This risks everything they established with one person due to their urge for something new. Same concept applied to business, many people will see someone that seems to have success and turn on their team to get down with their team. Yet once you are in that team you will quickly realize they have many of the same issues that your first team had but now you don’t have the relationships you once had. This is a costly mistake that takes time from you and that is your most prized resource.

The moral to this story is to never betray people who have held you down from the beginning chasing others. Yes you will need a plug to reach a high level but it is important to keep your cicle tight with people you can trust in order to capitalize off such. Trust me when I tell you everyone has their issues and you merely don’t see them because that person is new to you. Stay true to those who stay true to you and you can build a team that has the ability to rise.