Sex Sells

It is a known fact that there are few things that will sell no matter how bad the economy will ever get and sex is one of them.  The sex industry is depression proof and with the internet it is a business open every day all day no matter where you are on the planet.  Its weird some people rather trick off to get sex than to use that money to progress their career.  People all over the world take advantage of this to earn great livings from it.      

It is real simple to understand this concept because over 90% of content online is porn.  On music sites like you will notice that the Worldstar Honeys get way more views than anything else but maybe a popular artist’s latest music video.  If you remember BET Uncut, this was the original and it was a program that was played at 3:00 am.  Yet the next day at school at 6:00 am there were always discussions like “did you see Nelly’s Tip Drill video?”  The music industry is full of executives that exploit this at every turn.  This is why videos always contain the prettiest girls, why most females follow behind Lil Kim, etc.

Unless you strengthen yourself you will be controlled by your desire for sex and it will conquer your desire to grind.  Many people use the ability to have sex with top notch women as motivation to get where they want in business.  Yet you can get that without the fame and you could get it just before you do shine so if that happens what will motivate you to push further?  I personally know people who tasted the power of stardom and once they got the cars and girls they lost their hunger. 

Moral to this story is if you are trying to come up as a rapper it never hurts to have women shaking ass in your videos.  More people will watch your video just for the women; basically you should take this power and capitalize on it yourself.  Yet keep in mind that if you try to do such a thing and promote it on they will hit you over the head for a large amount because they too understand the power of sex, so get creative.  Also never let sex be the thing that drives you; let’s face it, it’s nice to have but you should be grinding for much more.