Showing Love


One thing I have realized over the years of doing this channel is that the love you show to people returns to you in much smaller doses. I have been showcasing producers and underground rappers for a while and you would think that I would have garnered a large amount of love over the years. Not so much, there are many acts that I can reach out to that would show me love but many wont even respond. I really have but a handful of people I know for a fact I could call on if I need help, honestly that may be more than most. All I can do is keep track and continue to move forward with those who actually want to be associated.

Understand when I come to someone asking for help I never ask for anything to major. It is usually for services you are already doing and I need permission to use what you already have. Keep in mind in most of these instances I am willing to pay for these services but you can take take a camel to water but can’t force it to drink. Many people are satisfied with being featured on what ever show I have showcasing them but when it comes to actually collaborating they can’t be found. This annoys me because we are all in the same struggle and can help each other. I have more to offer than most who are trying to climb but most can’t see such.

I am going to remember these acts that I reached out to and got no response. All of them made either my producer of the week or best mixtape series. Keep in mind those series bring me nothing and I do them just to showcase acts I feel have been doing quality music. Real talk I am the only one in the planet who does such and actually has a small fan base. I could easily eliminate these all together but the few people who truely want to build make it worthwhile in the long run. Even as I am a very small channel right now I have proven that I will grow and who I will deal with once I reach the heights I desire will be extremely limited.

The moral to this story is to understand how love works in the world. You can put out a lot of it but you will get far less back. It is worthwhile when you have a few people who show love back and that builds to self sustaining level. Yet it takes a while for that because you will run into people who simply want to take advange of love than build off it. This is why people adapt a no new friends philosophy once they get established because plenty people will pretend when the benefits become appearent. When it is a grind with no direct benefits being associated besides showing love and building with others then you see the real.