Leave a Comment & Get 3 Free songs

In light of today’s release of the Best of Mixtape Review Volume 1; I decided to give the singles away to anyone who participates on this website.  This is not an automated response so it will take sometime if I am not online but with in a day you will receive a download link in your email.  The Mixtape is only $3 and can be found in Lo’s Store but please check these out as a sneak preview.

Lastly if you do buy the mixtape and for some reason is not sent to the download link DON’T PANIC.  Just send me the name of you paypal account in an email to downlopaz@gmail.com I only check that email once a day so please give it a day before you get upset.  I will have you squared away immediately.

Thank You to all those who participated in making this a reality from Pit my camera man, Kato my web Designer, and to the several artist on the mixtape. Without you none of this would have been possible.