Signed is just the Begining

If you are lucky enough to get a record deal worth millions you must know that this is only the beginning of your new life.  Yes the rules do change as far as what you are capable of doing have sky rocketed but you still have much to prove.  Truth be told, only a dead man has nothing left to prove to the world.  Every day you must work like it is your last chance to do so.  Think like you are starving to get a break when you already live comfortable is the only way to have a chance to sustain fame.

Do you have any idea how many others have record deals that you are competing with to get promotional dollars?  Don’t get it twisted it is a competition and an unfair one at that.  Since you are the newest to the label you do have a leg up but that’s only for a short time till the next artist is signed so you must prove yourself quickly with your grind not your music to get priority.  Plenty of people have had hot records that were placed on the shelf because they took orders instead of do as they want.  If you force them to move for you then it shall happen.

Look at Kanye, he signed to a tough situation in Roc-a-Fella Records where Jay-Z is still notorious for using all the promotional dollars on himself and leaving all others short.  Yet Kanye couldn’t be stopped because he was not only hard headed but making his own moves that all others on the label relied on the label to do.  He forced the label to promote him because he proved to be hot; this is what you must do.  If you are waiting for a hand out because you are signed means you are just a ride along, you have to continue to get it like you are not signed at all.

By being signed you get options that are not available to others that you must be creative enough to make something from nothing.  This is the same knowledge that it takes to get signed but you have more dollars and your name can get you in closed doors now.  It has become easier to get interviews, to do shows, to get paid for features, and many more things are at your fingertips.  Yet many dudes wait until they get the go ahead to formulate a plan so they are sidelined.  Trust me, once you are signed you get into a higher game but you must bring those same hustle skills in order to succeed.