Stand By Your Logic


One thing that I noticed long ago is that the people who tell you things you have to do to succeed never do it themselves. Sadly most people don’t stand behind the things they say but still speak as if they do to confuse others. Why? Because these people know better but don’t want to do right. Instead of practicing what they preach instead they pretend so they won’t be called out on their nonsense. This is why all advice must come with a grain of salt because there are too many who claim to be about something but never put forth the work to live it.


Think about it, that boss who always gets on your case about being late how many times were they late? Odds are just as much as you but they get on you about it. So my family is attempting to plan a cruise for the immediate members. Keep in mind I was never consulted or even asked if I even want to go. Yet I have an uncle who said that the younger generation need to put up funds to go. Keep in mind I have no issue with that plan but it coming from him is what kills me. Odds are this uncle is going to have other people pay his way as people have looked out for him for years now. These contradictions are far more abundant than you think, you really just have to see them.

This definitely applies to the music industry. All these rappers love to claim that they sold drugs and flipped the profits into a rap career. Yet why do you think most of these rappers never explain this. When you listen to emcees actually on the grind then they can’t help but to talk about the actions they are taking to shine. But a lot of these rappers were struggling acts that labels gave a deal to. I remember vividly when Ludacris gae directions on how to get put on in music. He said to sell units out the trunk off release therpy yet did he do that to get on? Not so much, he worked for the radio and built a network to attain nationwide airplay. I have mad respect for Luda but he didn’t keep it 100.


The moral to this story is to understand that most people giving advice never live it and many cases don’t know what they are talking about. When I tell you things then you should take it to the bank because I focus on the struggle of the underground musician as I lived that for a while and to an extent I am still living it. Yet most people you should always question, all too often I have come across people who love to hear themselves talk, intentionally mislead people, or are pathalogical liars. Always hear them out because you don’t want to risk missing out on key intelligence but always research it.