Standing On Your Own

I dont care how cool you are with another person, in the end of the day everything is about money. Understand everyone is out for themselves no matter if you are married, best friends, co-workers, etc. This is why it is important to not get caught up in the emotions and conduct business where it needs to be handled. If you don’t people will take full advantage of the situation and keep you in a place where they can profit off you. They never want to see you doing better than them nor will they pay you what you deem as fair until you fight for it.


So the most popular show on television right now is Power. Fans of the show have a deep hate for a character named Dre and I can understand why. This character is playing all sides and being deceitful to obtain his power. Personally I love a good villian but for the most part I love the honesty because this is how people rise. Think of it like this, for all my fans of the show, would Dre ever have been considered for Distribution if he didn’t have Julio killed? No, he would still be a manager at the club which seemed to be the role people had for him. No matter how good he did at the club he would be no more than an errend boy for people in a higher position until he begun making his own moves.

Many people want to believe if you work hard then you will be rewarded by “management” with promotions to get to where you feel as if you deserve. Yet that isn’t the reality of life, many women learn the hard way that there is a glass ceiling for their rise in corporate america. All too often we see idiots get promoted because they are connected or family to powerful individuals. We see weak rappers attain the record deals before quality acts who perfect their craft. This is why I say never follow the rules. It doesn’t hurt to work for others as long as you are learning how to conduct their business for yourself. If you allow them to determine your path then they will only use you for what they feel fit instead of allowing you to grow. Instead of waiting your turn on a label you need to be pushing your music and build your audience daily. The ultimate truth is people rather rally behind someone who is already making moves that give opportunity to those patiently waiting.


The moral to this story is to make your own moves. Yes it is a long process but having your own is the ultimate goal no matter what game you are in. If you can gain the opportunity to work for someone in the business you want to be in then take it, even if it isn’t getting you paid. The key is to learn the game by all costs then spin off for yourself. Never become dependent on anyone to eat because then they will feel control over you. Once they have control of you then they will abuse you no matter if they are family, your girl, best friend, etc. Only you are going to give yourself the credit you deserve and you need to go get yours.