Stop Forgiving


One issue I have with us as a people is how quickly we forgive people these days. It is a sign of how weak of a people we are right now. These evil bastards can kill your defenseless children or grand parents and you will be the first on the news saying as a christian you forgive them. Damn that, there is no forgiveness with me when you violate to a certain point. From there I demand blood, no matter how much money is in forgiving there is zero chance I let things go. The more you allow people to commit crimes on you the more will happen and this is why we see so many of s targeted and murdered right now.


Even the smallest and pettiest offenses I have a difficult time letting go. That individual will need to put in effort and do a lot of good work and still things will never be the same. I remember I wrote an article about someone who was so desperate for fame he turned on people who he still claims as friends. Now today he has been put in control of a popular channel and has taken it to another level. No denying that without him as a key core driving entertainment then things wouldn’t be as good as they are today. He has done enough for the community to be forgiven but I still struggle with such. Keep in mind in the grand scheme of things this is a minor violation that I simply won’t let go. Imagine if someone kills a person I love?


Here is the real, these black people who get on the news talking forgiveness for the most part have been paid off. See the city will settle with you to avoid a suit when city employees murder one of your people. Instead of arresting those people for murder they protect them and families are alledgedly “coming up” based on these. Yet that money is drying up as checks are getting less and less but the amount of city sanctioned lynchings are going up. Honestly this is disgraceful that people even think about money when life can’t be bought. Sadly our people have been putting a price on life and now that price is being negotiated because of how weak we are. Do not ever get me twisted, if I get murdered tomorrow I don’t want to see anyone calling for peace in my name. I want vengence, if you can hurt them with a lawsuit and get paid go for it, but I want blood.


The moral to this story is that it is a mark of weakness to allow the defenseless in our community be murdered as you seek a check. All this forgiveness talk needs to stop as it is all a strategic play. They will never convict any white officer for murdering a black person so they go out of their way to clean things up. It has been seen how these departments will hide evidence, smear the victims, and use your paid forgiveness talk to get a murderer off. I don’t forgive or forget and you see this in my daily videos as I always remind you of those who were cooning before in the past. Even people who attempt to earn forgiveness I find it difficult to give it to them. I don’t forgive white supremacists and neither should you. I don’t forgive for slavery that they still benefit from to this day, I don’t forgive for the wrongs this system of white supremacy has committed to me, I don’t forgive anything.