Studio Choice

All studio owners must make a choice eventually; is their studio for profit or not.  Many people try to walk the thin line of trying to make money off recording artists while giving away free studio time to those with potential or talk a good game.  You realize after but so long you can only do one well at a time so which will you choose?

If you decide to be for profit you fore go any potential revenue for current cash.  You therefore believe one bird in the hand is worth more than two in a bush.  Basically getting your hourly rate is all you settle for to avoid the constant ups and downs of those chasing fame.  If you do your job right you may earn enough to make a living after expenses.  You get the money up front every time and if that artist turns around and becomes the next Wiz Khalifa you pay it no mind because once you got paid you gave away all the rights.  I tend to tell all studios to go this route because the odds are you find an artist that actually blows up is near impossible; you might as well get paid where you can.

If you decide to be non profit, you become a rest haven for rappers.  You are open to the highs and lows of getting an artist signed so you can get the big dollars.  Yet this path will drain you if you let it; if you are ever so close to achieving a lifetime goal and for reasons outside of your control it crumbles in your hand there is no pain like it.  Pain has its way of changing your views from hopeful to bleak.  Yet the fact of the matter is artists are being signed to major record labels all the time, why can’t your artist be the next?  If you put your all behind an artist with a good marketing plan you can make some leeway and possibly make it happen.  High Risk, High Reward is the only way to gamble in my opinion.

If you try to do both of these options you will do both horribly and never make any progress.  It’s like trying to travel north and south at the same time, where would you really go?  Yet if you decide to go north eventually you’ll reach the North Pole if you are dedicated enough.  That is how life works, you must concentrate on one thing to do it right and once you do it well then you can expand to other areas and begin the cycle again.