Success Stories


One consistent thing I have seen in alot of documentarys and biographical works is that those who reach high levels of success tend to say how much fun they had. See it is hardly ever about the money instead it is about having fun with your friends, chasing women, etc. When the money comes into play then you see how things fall apart. Many people get gready feeling as though they deserve more and other feel ripped off as they begin to understand where the money is going. It is when you find something you love which makes things take off.


Look back at all of the best biopics, starting with Straight Out Of Compton. NWA was at their best when all the members were simply worrying about making the best music they can. It was only until Jerry Heller when issues came up with Ice Cube which was the beginning of the end. Watch the Temptations, even while they were struggling to earn money the group were still well connected. Once the money begun to come in then David Ruffin started showing his true colors. Hell even Dreamgirls had a simular story but more emotions were involved. They are all connected by people who find what they are passionate about and have enough fun with that they would do it for free. These people get an opportunity and the money ruins their passion.

Everything I do is passion related because I simply can’t stand working for money any more. Yes it matters, when I do work I get funds to build my life but the jobs I accept come from my homie. I want to see him succeed and the types of jobs he has are rather fun. There is nothing better than getting paid to run with your homie and the job isn’t back breaking labor. Finally I am experiencing what many of these people claimed as their rise. Now I understand how some people could say that all you need to do is what you love and put it out there. For most of my life I have done such nothing ever caught on. These jobs I have been doing are catching fire and rising faster than anything I have seen. This is how it is supposed to be, yet by living my life on the other side of this fense I know to tread carefully.


The moral to this story is that sometimes the storys people tell you of success are true. Over time I have taken such things with a grain of salt but taken the falls of people seriously. Merely because I have experienced failures and stress from the frustrated individuals my whole life. Now I am able to see that it does happen. When you provide a need and do it better in the right places then you will thrive. The key is finding this opportunity and exploting it with something you simply love to do.