The Cutting Edge


People really don’t understand the benefits of being on the cutting edge. See people get their information based on when a select few people get it then relay what they have gotten. Yes there is a profit to be had when you have enough people looking to you but when everything starts with you then you have no choice but to win. When everyone comes to you first because you are usually first gives you power over others. This is why it is important to climb your way up the food chain until you get exclusives that no one else has. When you are on the cutting edge opportunities happen that otherwise wouldn’t.

Being on the cutting edge means you are the first to have something that is in demand. Many people have created a name for themselves by being such. Many DJs who gained name brand status only happened as they gained exclusive material from artists that were in high demand consistently. Now in this day and age of technology this has become more difficult. Information is everywhere so what you think is an exclusive isn’t. Once a story spreads it has a mind of its own and can be found any where. This is why it is important to be one of the first to get it and be known as the one who has such.

This same concept is how I approach the review game. I am typically the very first to give a full review of projects. As much flack as I get for such I am easily the most in depth reviewer to go along with being one of the fastest. Being on the cutting edge not only with albums but also singles bring a certain amount of attention my way to build off. It is when a big name track comes out that I hear before the notible sites in hotnewhiphop to worldstarhiphop is when I get the most views. This is how I built this ground level notority I have now and attempting to flip it to the next level.

The moral to this story is to understand the importance of being on the cutting edge. Careers have been launched with much less. When you know what people are seeking and you are the first one with it or at least a variation of it then attention will turn to you. It is all in how you flip it from there to continue your brand instead of it simply being about the product.