The “Pastor Troy”

Many people do what I call the “Pastor Troy” when it comes to releasing projects and I feel it is one of the absolute worst things you can do.  The Pastor Troy is when you reuse songs per project to fill up space out of pure laziness in my opinion.  Yes there are times you make songs that never achieve the publicity you feel they deserve but that doesn’t give you the right to put that song on every project you release from then on.  This method shorts your core fan base that already have the song and angers them into saying fuck you.

As far as my personal memory goes Pastor Troy was the first to do this method consistently.  The projects We Ready, I am DSGB, Pastor Troy for President, Face Off and many more all had multiple tracks in common.   These were not mix-tapes put together by random dudes; they were official releases from Pastor Troy himself.  I can honestly say I used to be a fan once I heard We Ready but after buying multiple albums with the same songs I said fuck him.  Even if he drops a hot single I won’t even download it because he pissed me off so bad being on that bullshit.

The negatives far out weight the positives in this scenario.  The positives in doing the Pastor Troy is you can be lazy and fill up a track listing.  You can get away with making nine songs if you are going to put four old tracks on the album.  Also in case if you get a new fan they will hear the songs you felt were the best but that is all the good that can come from this.  Negatively you lose creditability with your hardcore fans.  When you lose your hardcore fans your career is a wrap so why would you risk it because you are too lazy to make a full album?  Do you hate rapping so much that you don’t want to make new tracks?

Making new music and dealing with the most creative people in the game are the perks of being a rapper.  When the perks of the game become tedious, it’s time for you to do something else with your life.  Not making enough music should not be a problem of a rapper but that just shows the laziness of the population.  The only problem a rapper should have is making good enough music or making marketable music not music in general.  It is nothing to make tracks and if you don’t feel like it anymore and put together half ass projects you really need to find a damn job.