The Rules


There is a certain set of unspoken rules you must abide by to accumulate a buzz from the underground rap scene. I developed this list after years of frustration of going down the wrong paths. Keep in mind this is an ever evolving list that continues to grow with the more knowledge I attain. Yet if you find a means to grind that doesn’t violate a single one of these rules then in due time and pressure you will begin to carve your own slot in the business.


1. “If you are good at something always get paid for it” – Joker


Its only good business to get paid for your work don’t fall for those beggars looking for freebies


2. Only rely on yourself


I don’t care about your family, friends, or industry executives who say they will help you; never rely on anyone but yourself and work ethic to get you anywhere.


3. Hustle both harder and smarter


If you work harder than everyone else in the field you definitely have the opportunity to shine but if you hustle hard in a way different than everyone else then victory is guaranteed.


4. Never believe in anyone other than yourself


People are good at twisting your hopes and dreams to get their desire out of it. Live off the facts of the situations and don’t let your hopes get you in situations that you will regret.


5. Cut the middle man out


You should be dealing directly with who you want to deal with not with management. Truth of the matter is representatives don’t control shit, use them if you have to but then by pass them.


6. The rap game is 70% Promotion, 29% Connections, 1% Music


Too many think because their music is good then they have to shine, sadly not true. The truth is garbage music gets popular because the strength in promotion and rappers get on because they know someone. Use this formula to your advantage instead of going against the grain.


7. Be your own man


If you try to copy what someone else is doing expecting to get fame from it you are really mistaken. Originality is everything in the rap game.


8. Be Consistent


People need to see you over and over in order to remember you;  even though doing the same thing for years is boring it is a must to building a buzz.


9. Never Take Credit For Success Unless Your Ready For The Failure’s Credit


This keeps you humble no matter how successful you become and keeps you focused on the task at hand


10. (G+C+U)(T)=($+R)

G=Grind                       $=Money

C=Consistency            R=Relationships



This is the formula to I have been working on my entire life to prove that money and connections aren’t necessary to success in the music industry. There are means around it that you must earn.