The Struggle


Understand that having your back against the wall with everything telling you to quit is the common position you will be in while chasing success. It is honestly uncommon for people to be supportive or opportunities to present themselves without heavy investment. Sure you can point at people who seem to be exemptions, that aren’t very talented, but that is an unwise thought process. See you can’t control what happens to other people, only what happens to you and the masses will never see success in the music industry but will attempt at some point. Therefore it is important to get used to the struggle and the fight to advance everyday.


Few people around you will actually see your vision. Family will want you to do something “real” like work for people who careless about you and will fire you for nothing. Other people chasing the same dream will see you as competition instead of a comrade. Potential fans will see you as nothing more than another in a long line of terrible acts without even giving your projects a chance. Finances will not add up to expenses on a consistent bases until you sacrifice the time you need to progress so you can live. This is the thin line you must consistently walk for years in order to build your notoriety not including the mistakes you make which push you back. Basically your back will be against the wall the entire way.


This kind of pressure will either crush you or mold you depending on your desire. When you are forced to watch people who obviously take things lightly yet see more is typically the thing that pushes people over the edge. Everyday you will be on the edge of losing everything but the record labels will debut some kids that put no effort into music nor know the struggle. What you don’t get is that is a strategic move to take full advantage of them and sign them to deals a more knowledgeable act wouldn’t. Also they had something you don’t, could be the city they reside in or someone knew somebody to take them somewhere. Allowing such to interfere with how you grind is unwise because there is nothing there you can control or has anything to do with you. All you can do is take a step forward everyday and remain focused on you.


The moral to this story is to push for success is to struggle. Everything will be lined up against you all while you watch others quickly rise. All you can do is place one foot ahead of the previous and deal with the struggle as it presents itself. Get used to being on the edge of quitting and being broke because that is a common place. Once you master that place then it will be difficult for you to not find success as long as you keep grinding and attemping new plans.