To Pimp A Butterfly Hate Mail

So recently I made a critical review for the Kendrick Lamar album, To Pimp A Butterfly and people lost their mind. I received so many messages about how I need to listen to the album more, how could I post an review in the first 24 hours, did I even listen to the album, etc. All of these comments are bullshit, pretty much upset fans because someone isn’t drinking the this album is a classic Kool-Aid. I am fine with people liking the album while I don’t, it has happened tons of times in the past, but these fans try to take it a level beyond where it needs to go.

Here is the game that these people play, if you post a review quickly then you haven’t had enough time with it to grasp the concept. If you wait for a “suitable time” and still don’t like the album you must like an “inferior” artist or style of music. When you point out obvious flaws in the music then that was supposed to be like that, its artist integrity. Do you see what I am getting at? If you don’t say that everything this artist makes is the greatest ever and how his project is a classic then something is wrong with you. That is the line between fan and dick rider being ran through like the New York Marathon. No matter what you say they have stock excuses lined up for their favorite artist.

For all you people who want to believe this album is a classic let me ask you one thing, are you instead just hype that it is a new Kendrick Lamar album. Here is how I know music is classic, when you first hear it you know it is dope. For all the classics I have ever come across going from Nas Stillmatic, Dr. Dre The Chronic, to Rittz Life and Times of Johnny Valient the initial shock of the album is the key indicator. People listen to this Kendrick over and over to convince themselves of his greatness when the songs don’t really back it up. People so focused on the message that he is trying to tell that they excuse flaws and sub par songs. I understand how easy it is to being caught up in a wave of enthusiasm for your favorite artists new project but eventually you will realize the truth, you just really wanted it to be great.

The moral to this story is to quit making excuses for an artist. When people actually listen to the project and don’t like it then they don’t need to listen to it more. That is that brainwashing shit that the music industry does with the radio. Someone left me a comment saying he listened to the album 7 times with rap genius to get a full understanding of the album but it still falls flat. No ones opinion is right but I would never try to force someone to waste their time like that. Not everything Kendrick Lamar releases is great but by you guys making it all out to be so it shows what kind of fan you actually are. Nothing wrong with liking this album, personally I stand by my 6/10.