Top 5 Underground Mixtapes of 2014


5. @StyxFigure Legendary 2

Released in March, this project delivers hard hitting production with the perfect balance of lyricism. Styx Figure is a Washington DC rapper with his own style and sound which is very refreshing in this day and age. The energy in the songs Amazing, Real Live, and Legendary part 2 ensured rotation all year on my personal playlist leading this project to my top 5



4. @Dussume Is Anybody Listening 4

Released in May, this is the best project from Moe thus far. Moe is a New Orleans rapper who made my freshman class earlier this year based off the strength of this tape and his body of work leading up to it. He has molded himself into a complete artist with songs Pursuit of Happiness, Youont Know, Worst Nightmare, and A1 Since Day 1. He delivers potent lyricism, high energy, and solid tracks on this project. One that no question was destined for the top 5 from the beginning of this year.



3. @LaniceLondon Serendipity

Released in April, Lanice London is the best female emcee I have come across on the underground. Skill wise I would put this Philly Emcee against anyone and have confidence in her success. She is the first female emcee to make my freshman list, reviews, and now my top 5. As I have said before this isn’t some kind of promotional ploy; she earned her spot with lyricism, excellent flow, and damn good songs. Within 30 seconds of her rapping you realize she is special.



2. @Doughbeezy Footprints On The Moon

Released in February, I considered this mixtape the best of this year until September. Doughbeezy is one of the most polished rappers I have ever come across. All you need to do is listen to one song for you to know he is from Houston but he has taken the sound to another level. His lyricism is unrivaled and will probably be the first on this list to get a record deal if he so chooses to go that route. Personally I hope he remains underground keeping control of his music and all the profits but his future is that bright that he should have options.



1. @KwameKatana I Just Want To Be Heard Vol. 2

Released in September, This mixtape was easily the best of this year based on pure volume of great songs. Honestly this project should have been sold in stores. There were more songs on this mixtape that I decided to keep than I kept in the months of January, August, and November. The York, PA rapper’s raw honesty, lyricism, production, and great songs made this project stand out among all others. If there is any project you listen to this year, this is the one.