Triangles and Squares

My uncle has a saying that is amazingly true, too many times we as people try to fit triangles into squares.  This basically means we take things that will not work and try to force it into position and end up with nothing but hard ache.  Example of this is trying to sound like another rapper and think you can shine off it.  Another would be spending years following trends that never take you anywhere.  There comes a point where you have to realize when shit isn’t working and you need to switch up your game.

Music has it way of stringing people along with hope but by falling for that you’re fucking up.  You have to base your movement on results.  Think of it like this if you need to get to the store you ask for directions; say a dude tells you go straight for a mile until you see McDonald’s and hit a left.  If you drive for ten minutes and never see McDonald’s why would you continue down that path?  Wouldn’t you find someone else who knows what they are talking about?  Yet many rappers are told how to get on and spend their youth doing things that has no kind of results show themselves and end up quitting the game.

There are key signs that you should see in order for you to know that what you are doing is working.  Rarely will you ever do anything that gains you instant success but if you spot the signs then you will know you are not wasting your time.  First sign is people with means wanting to be down; people with nothing will try to get down with anything but those who are already doing their thing are much more difficult to catch their attention.  If you do then you’re doing something right.  Second is obvious, increase of fans; in today’s age of Youtube and Twitter you can easily clock how many people desire to see your content.  This can take time to grow but as long as it is growing without paying then you have something.  And the last sign I can tell you right now is having hate; if people are so angry over something that you did enough to express it to you then you did something right.  Getting hate is better than getting nothing because for everyone who absolutely hates you there is another who loves you; while if most don’t care about you even after seeing you then you’re fucking up.

Moral to this story is to always adapt and change; don’t try to force triangles into squares.  It helps to set deadlines for when you should see the signs of success.  For my Youtube I gave myself a year to build a fan base and even though I haven’t built one as strong as I desire I seen that the longer I do this the better it will become.  Yet in order for me to get to this point I experimented with many different types of content but I found what I needed to do is all that counts!