Truth Always Comes Out


The truth always comes out, it may be immedately or it may be much later but the fact that it will come out is a constant. This is why I would much rather tell the truth and accept my consequences than to lie. Understand that lying takes time and effort to get away with when people are seeking the truth. It takes a very conniving individual to maintain lies over long periods of time. They must remember every detail, collaborate with others, and deeply care enough about it to out manuver the people who were hurt by your lie. It is all but a matter of time before everything comes to light.

In this day and age secrets simply don’t last very long. This is why you see hacked sex tapes from phones, the name of ghost writers of projects, albums leaking in some cases months before it is released. People today are seeking the truth as much as ever but have better means to find it than ever in history. This technology allows that same truth to be spread to more people than ever before as well. Lets look at trump and how he has dealt with the russians. In generations previous there would be no way to prove this but these days all the evidence has slowly been coming out. To the point trumps son hand delivered information that would have been unprovable in say 1995. The truth has found a way but I am still skeptical on whether this crooked government would actually do anything.


This same premise goes for music. There was a time where ghost writers signed a no disclosure agreement and that sealed everything. Sure eventually when it didn’t matter anymore the truth would come out but not in this day and age. How is it that we all know Quintin Miller ghost wrote for Drake? That is information that would never come out in generations before. How do we all know that Rick Ross was a correctional officer? Again that is information people would have protected with their lives but we live in a different time period. Honestly there is no reason to lie unless you aren’t a good enough emcee to begin with. See no matter how boring the truth a lyricist can spin it into something epic. You only lie because you aren’t a good writer and out of fear of not being accepted. Yet the industry was built on lies and now those lies crumble faster than ever.


The moral to this story is that it is extremely difficult to keep a secret in this day and age. First you have to be really invested in keeping your secret to the point you go completely out of your way. Yet even with that this digital age finds a way to release things to the masses. This is why it is better to be completely honest. If you are skillful then you can twist all your short comings into something of interest. You need to use your vulnerabilities to create substance matter anyway. Anything you are attempting to hide be prepared for when it comes out.