Uncle Ruckus- Back Ups

I have been out the game of engineering for some years now, but I tend to still get calls from artists asking if I still have a song they recorded years ago.  Like really do I look like the damn Library of Congress?  Of course I don’t have your damn song that you recorded in 2008!  When I cut it to the CD it was up to you to maintain it and if you fucked that up I can’t save you because I had a life to live since then. 

Many rappers don’t understand why I would delete anything off the hard drive of my computer and I will tell you why.  As I said in the article backups, computers are unreliable pieces of equipment that if you don’t maintain it full projects will disappear without a trace and it can crash leaving you nothing.  Part of maintaining your computer is freeing up memory by getting rid of what you haven’t touched in years.  Yes I probably could have backed it up on a DVD but why when it’s been so long that you should have done all you needed to do with the song. 

Let’s be honest if you still haven’t done shit with a song after three years why the fuck should I care about it?  It just goes to show that rappers usually record songs for their personal usage because if they didn’t they wouldn’t have to come to me for their backups.  I mean damn at least post it somewhere online where people can hear it and you can re-download it when you need.  I posted tons of music via Acid Planet years ago when I was a horrible artist and it’s still there to this day if I ever needed it.  Yet dudes who don’t even attempt to promote their own music can’t figure this out.

Whenever you record a song and get the mixed version on disk you better protect it with your life until you can post it somewhere that you can always get to.  The responsibility of the song switched hands from the studio to yours and any good lab will purge the memory banks after some time.  Maybe monthly or even weekly depending how busy the lab is.  If you lose the track odds are those songs are gone forever.  Yet if you were about you business even if you lost the disk you had your songs on, you would still be cool because you got them somewhere.