Uncle Ruckus of Rap: Bitchmade Rappers

Why is it that many of you rappers who claim to be “real” do the most bitch ass moves?  Like Capone from CNN; listen to his lyrics and you would swear he is so real but yet he was the key informant against Prodigy of Mobb Deep which sent him to jail.  Yet if you listen to Prodigy’s rhymes and read his book he also claims to be “real” but he claims to continue to be around Capone after he snitched him out.  Also his tell all book to make money is dry snitching at its finest!  When I talk about people doing dirt I change names and specific events to protect the guilty but Prodigy clearly names N.O.R.E. (other half of CNN) as a shooter in an altercation. C’mon man….

You underground rappers are the damn worst, you rap about money you are nowhere near in having in your procession.  What kind of sense does this make when broke people who admitted to being broke have once dominated the music industry.  Eminem was white trash from the trailer parks but he achieved high levels by being himself.  This isn’t high school mother fucker; you don’t have to lie to fit in to groups any more.  A dude like me never fit in so I always did my own damn thing and could never understand why you dudes are so reliant on being bitch made.

Being a real dude is to be who you say you are.  That concept is real fucking simple but is often the most screwed up. This is where most fall because their desire to be popular or to sell records, they try to make themselves over interesting when it’s not needed.  It’s ok to exaggerate for the sake of lyrical prowess but many lie for the sake of lying.  Secondly to be a real dude is to never compromise your morals for material.  Yes we all want millions but when you have to go against everything you stand for to get it makes it meaningless.

Being bitch made is begging to be put down on a label so you can progress a career instead of getting your own and letting the label come to you.  Bitch made is when you stay with a crew that’s going nowhere because you think are nothing without them.  Asking for free shit is bitch made; nobody owes you and if you don’t have the change then find a less expensive lab or make a deal that’s not based on a dream. 

Don’t be bitch made because it’s easier to just be yourself