Uncle Ruckus of Rap: Part 6

“If I tell you every time you get into the car to fasten your seatbelt why is it you must go thru the windshield before you get the message?” – Kain Carter

When it comes to life the only thing that is new about it is technology.  Anything you want to do has been done before and there is a book somewhere that describes how someone did it.  Yet someone who has gone thru it often has difficulty sharing their experiences because people are hardheaded.  Sure they will listen to say Wiz Khalifa if at the height of his career if he decides to teach people on how he did it; but not after his career is over because the people will have moved on to the next.

My problem is not the naivety of the youth because that is expected.  As children we are supposed to think big and worry about how to do it later.  Yet as parents you are meant to mold the youth so when their mind is prepared they can make a dream into reality.  But in today’s landscape it’s damn near every man for themselves.  This makes it impossible for those generous enough to want to spread the necessary knowledge because people rather lose their youth doing traps that they could have easily avoided.

Today’s lifestyle of watching television is more damaging than you think.  When people turn to something meant more to entertain than to teach for their knowledge things get tough.  Wither you know it or not most people use fictional works as the bases of their intelligence.  When people tell you they seen on TV such and such; you need to tell them to read a damn book and quit getting your knowledge from poor sources.  This is why America is one of the dumbest countries in the world and it’s sad because we have more tools than the smartest countries out there to be as smart.     

Truth is rappers rather do the damn dougie in traffic than read a book.  Rappers rather spend $200 on shoes than $5 for my DVD which teaches you the traps to avoid while trying to make the music industry.  Rappers rather buy a bottle of liquor for $150 that really only cost $30 wholesale instead of spending $50 to promote their mix-tape on key websites.  Rappers rather spend tons of money on two outfits but complain when a dude wants to charge $10 for key knowledge that can help describe their life’s existence.  Why it is rappers want to complain to a young black dude who is trying to earn a buck while they never question the white dude making a killing?  I don’t know but for those open to learning are always more successful than everyone else.