Uncle Rukus of Rap part3 (Prelude)

Here’s a true story; one day as I was working as an engineer at a studio Mr. Drumma gave me a job.  A guy from the hood wanted studio time and he wasn’t available.  So I proceeded to work the three hour session that ended up costing sixty dollars.  Once I told the guy the cost he began to bitch.  For a solid half an hour he wore me down to the point I said fuck it, just give me the forty he had.  I never experienced such a complainer; and it wasn’t like I didn’t tell him the price up front.   

As Mr. Drumma arrived later that night I explained why the money was short and he couldn’t believe it.  He was shocked that the guy would hassle me like that and I proceeded to say I guess times is hard.  He said that mother fucker sells dope; I know the corner he works!  That’s when I had flashback in my mind; I guess those were real bathing ape jeans, those shades he had on was fly, that son of a bitch.

This is a prime example why a black man can’t have shit.  For a half an hour you bitch at me over twenty dollars?  I bet you wouldn’t pull that shit at Best Buy or Patchwork, because I’m a young black dude like you is why you try that shit.  From that point on it’s been cash upfront because you ignorant rappers aren’t worth my time.

It aggravates me still to this day; he had $300 jeans on and I bet he paid every dime plus tax.  You’ll spend top dollar to look good but next to nothing to make moves.  You’re probably laughing; this shit isn’t funny.  This is the equivalent to Batman’s origin; this is where I first began to hate all rappers.

Moral to this story always get paid up front, and keep everyone on the clock.  Because Rappers will splurge on things that lose their value but beg for discounts on investments that can last.  They brag about having the best women but have to pay them afterwards.  Rappers spend more money on an image than they do for their actual music.  Rapper’s say they don’t follow rules but will sign a record deal in a heartbeat.