Uncle Rukus of Rap

First of all let me explain that I am not a rapper, I am a lyricist that happens to rap.  I have had many jobs that center around music.  For a while I sold CD’s for what you rappers say “for the low”, I have produced tracks, distributed flyers, developed marketing campaigns, and much more.  All while you lazy rappers think you can just record, perform, and blow up in that order.  Stupid rappers, tell me what exactly is blowing up?

Want to know why I hate rappers so bad, it’s because they just get lazier and lazier.  Once upon a time rap was about lyrics and the best songs possible.  That’s when music was good.  We had quality rappers like Jay-Z, Ludacris, Eminem, Nas, and so much more respectable talent.  Now a day’s who do we have; a little bitch (Lil B), dancers that can’t rap or dance (Soulja boy), and rappers that focus more on their adlib more than their actual lyrics (Waka Floka). 

Side note, it’s just like damn basketball.  When you lazy bastards get your hands on something you always focus on the least important thing.  How is basketball about putting the ball in the hoop but your only focus is on dribbling?  Before you bastards we had Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Dr. J, and much more talent that could not only dribble but also put the ball in the hoop.  What genius decided if I dribble better than everyone else I would succeed?  That’s rapper thoughts!

Rappers like to rap on instrumentals rather than create something of their own, they have intensions of going platinum but were never on the radio, and talk about having Benz’s but pull off in a Nissan Sentra with a duct taped window.  Rappers wear flashy jewelry they bought from the middle of a mall, they start beefs to get publicity but never play the song for anyone, and make it rain in a strip club but run out of gas on the way home.

I have only begun to express why I hate rappers. (Part 2 coming soon)