Waiting on Albums


One thing you should never do is sit up and wait for projects from your favorite emcees. Yes we all have favorite rappers where the world seems to stand still for as they constantly delay their albums. This is ultimately fans torturing themselves when they don’t have to. One thing that I have proven with this daily grind is that there is always new music being released and the search for quality music no matter the name keeps me going. Instead of constantly seeking the latest projects from my favorite emcees I focus on what has released and that has helped me grow as a fan of music.

To this day people are still waiting on The Carter 5, King Push, and other albums that have shown no sign of being released. Honestly I have been waiting on Doe or Die 2 from AZ for years as every blue moon he releases new music. Not long ago people were waiting over 15 years for Dr Dre Detox which ended up being changed due to last minute inspiration into Compton. The problem with waiting so long is that your expectations rise as well as your constant searching becomes frustrating after a while. This in-fact will ruin your experience for when those albums finally do drop because you put so many extras on it that it can’t live up to such. So in the end you wait so long on something that it could never satisfy you.

What I have learned is that it is better to focus on the day instead of looking for particular projects. This way you find quality music while forgetting about the often postponed albums until they arrive. There was a time where I made shows about release dates of anticipated albums but I haven’t done that in years. The reason why is because I am not focused on what is coming out, instead I go through fifteen underground mixtapes a day finding dope artists on a daily biases. When an antipated project is released it is typically the first I heard of it therefore I can fairly review it without the high anticipation from the albums being delayed. Being so focused on what has come out has built my library of music to a massive level and keep me from wanting new music.

The moral to this story is to stop waiting on music from your favorite acts. When you do such then you make unrealistic expectations and ruin your experience for when ever it does drop. Instead take everything one day at a time and focus on the music that has come out. Spend time listening to underground acts because when you find the one out of one hundred that is skilled then it will make up for not only the other ninty nine acts but also the delays of your favorite artist constantly are putting on their projects. There is way too much music being dropped daily for you to hold your breathe for any act.