Waiting On Calls

One thing rappers need to get out of doing is waiting on the calls to be given their status. Sadly too many rappers are waiting for that miracle where an executive will come to them and give them a future. When you play the odds then you have to abide by them and getting put on in the game by connection is a stroke of luck that can’t be counted on. If you are waiting on someone to “blow up” and put you on or opportunity to randomly know then you will be waiting a very long time with no promises of it ever happening. Instead of waiting you have to be making your own moves to ensure it happening.

Waiting on anything to push you forward is a mistake. Don’t get me wrong, it is part of the game and the more patient you are the better off you will be but by no means should you just sit there doing nothing. Sadly too many rappers will sit on their ass complaining about waiting on that call instead of being in constant motion. Be prepared for the call if it does come but grind like you aren’t expecting it. You must make strides everyday to ensure your success instead of waiting for it to happen.

If you have a ton of music on your hard drive that you are making very little effort in promoting then your chances of success is just as slim as winning the Powerball. I have always said damn the odds because if you are depending on luck then you are in the wrong business, this game is one that you earn with hard work and consistency. Yet if you are waiting for the call to put you on then you are playing the odds instead of making them. You can make your own path and success depending on your work ethic, creativity, and raw desire (notice I didn’t say finances). Therefore if you aren’t making your own success then you are waiting for something that wont ever come.

The moral to this story is for you to stop waiting for something to happen for you. You have all the tools you need to chase after and obtain the things you desire. Waiting on people with power to open the world to you is a fools errand because for the most part they wont be checking for you if you aren’t already making noise. Secondly these people will see you more as competition than an investment. There are many politics that go on that when you put you faith in luck that you somehow must overcome without even knowing about them. You open yourself up to this nonsense when you wait on others instead of put yourself on.