Wasted Converstaions

One thing I have come to hate is having pointless arguements. Over the years I have realized there has to be meaning in conversating with people and if I don’t get anything from it I lose interest or side step it. Meaningless arguments, debates, and conversations keeps people away from making moves. People naturally never fully agree, you could have simular tastes in music, raised the same way, etc. but still argue. So with this in mind I could careless about people understanding and following my point of view. Instead of talking about small things that do nothing I would rather talk about actions that can happen right now.


So the other day I was texting with my ex girlfriend. She decided to send me a picture of herself wearing a particular hat that they are selling out there in Arizona called Young Melanated Professionals. Keep in she has never been a socially conscious individual like that. So I sent her message asking, “is this you telling me you are woke?” in tongue in cheek manner. I can always feel when I strike a nerve with her, even in a text. She replied how she doesn’t like the tending term woke. Now this was an opening to an arguement she wanted to have that I side stepped. I said “there are way bigger issues at hand than worrying about popularized terms but I feel you”. That ended the conversation because she wanted to go in and have a meaningless discussion but I have experienced it too many times to care. As much as I am about black empowerment I am not going to argue with you about the terms people are using, instead I would rather put in the work to obtain it.


If you let people talk then they will go on forever and get nothing out of it. Understand that the masses of people love to hear themselves talk, love to argue, and want to believe they are right no matter what. What do you honestly think you can accomplish by having conversations with people like this? It reminds me of a quote from 50 Cent, you will be as successful as the people you talk to for no reason. If you spend a day talking to someone who got nothing going on then what can they offer you? Basically if you aren’t learning something, establishing business, or attaining something then you are having a pointless conversation. This is why friendships falloff when one person is on the grind and the other isn’t.


The moral to this story is when you have a conversation with someone then get something out of it. Don’t allow people to waste your time with meaningless conversation because you could be doing something else more productive. People will intentionally start arguements just so they can entertain themselves but you don’t have to play into it. Recognize when people have nothing to offer and instead focus on things that will bring something more. This is how you progress at all points in life.