What doesn’t Kill You

Whatever doesn’t kill you will make you in to a better man.  Pain and suffering is the formula for becoming humble and more focused on accomplishing your desire.  As long as you have a will that can’t be broken and a grind that can’t be stopped then eventually you will realize you’re potential if it doesn’t kill you first.  See, your grind may keep you up for three days in a row, starve you because it takes all your money, or depress you because it seems to be an endless road you could never finish.  Yet if you stay focused and maintain the world will become yours.

Everyone’s grind is different but they all must be consistent for a long time in order to work.  The grind pushes you to your limits all the time, so much so that many people quit once they realize how difficult the life actually is.  For most people trying to start something from scratch, it takes raw determination with nothing coming back in return.  After years this raw determination can burn out or you can go beyond your limits and receive physical and mental issues.  Truthfully it comes down to how strong you were raised and how disciplined you are to chase after the seemingly impossible.

Without this kind of struggle people would never appreciate the game for what it is; a chance to live out your dreams.  Examples of this flock throughout the game, guys who luck up and get put on typically don’t care about putting out good music; while people who came from nothing and fought for everything they own will always put out the better albums no matter the talent levels.  Honestly in over flooded industries like the rap game this is the norm to weed out the weak and to groom in the best.

I will never lie to you, the grind I have put in place have been really taxing on my mind, relationships, and body.  Yet I’m a really hard headed individual that never gives up on the things I want.  Even if I end up being a bum on the streets because of this financial crisis I will never stop.  I’m damn near a machine that been surviving on the bare minimums and hope.  I know all the stress, long nights, and mal nourishment will catch up eventually but I can’t afford to think about that.  I can just do what I need to do and hope I can fix my issues down the road.