White on White Crime Epidemic

All this white on white crime needs to stop. Things have continued to get worse as time passes and this is the greatest threat to social order. How many children must be murdered in schools, innocent civilians be murdered in movie theaters, buildings be bombed, riots destroy their own communities, unarmed innocents be caught on camera being killed, and people be shot in the streets before something is done about it. These thugs acting in felonious conduct have maliciously plagued society since the beginning. Going back even before their “tea party” which was no more than a despicable act of disobedience to the latest act in criminal activity in Waco, Texas. My question is where is the national guard when you need them.

For those who haven’t heard, In Waco there was a savage shooting that cost the life of nine people in a white biker gang war. Let me put that in perspective, that is nine more people that died in both riots in Ferguson and Baltimore not including those murdered by the police that sparked these events and those they killed during it. For which the national guard was called in to stop. Where is the swift justice in this case? Is it that the police rate businesses more important than the human lives that must work them? If we are judging by actions, then that is precisely what this country is saying. Where are the tanks, the riot gear, the dogs, military gear, etc.? These gangs have banded together to shoot uniformed officers on sight but it seems these police are taking these matters far less serious than the ones that weren’t deadly. Why is that?

You know what I blame, that damn Pop music. Without the slutty images of Britney Spears, that dirty Christina Aguilera, and drug addict Amy Winehouse then maybe the broken families to meth would still be together. There is plenty of blame to go around here, that damn Sons Of Anarchy is a direct cause of this event. These people are animals always looking to riot, loot, and murder at the drop of a hat. No wonder why they are 39% of the prison population. They look like white baboons in the wild acting like savages instead of pulling themselves up from their bootstraps like decent human beings. Nothing more than a plague on our communities as many full towns are on welfare and have been scamming the system to get ahead. Even the high end “cracker” as they call themselves have used the banking system, housing market, and war to steal from everyone in the greatest theft known to the world. Why is there not more happening to stop these people?

The moral to this story is that these white people need to get there lives together. Instead of always looking for handouts and wanting entitlement they need to learn the value of hard work. What worries me the most is how most of these criminals get reduced time for the same charges as other races. The legal system is just perpetuating the cycle of criminal activity with slaps on the wrist. Murderers caught red handed, evidence contradicting their statements, enough proof to lock them away for life constantly are released on their own recognizance for botched investigations that seemed very convenient. This epidemic killing the people is not only with your common white civilian but with the police, judges, juries, politicians, and businessmen. How much death must occur before enough is enough?