Women Slow You Down

We all want a dope woman with her mind right to be with but there is a time for you to have one and it’s not when you are on the grind. While grinding to become someone great you need the least amount of distractions to succeed. Also when you succeed in your grind selecting the wrong woman can bring you down as well. Relationships are tough to not only maintain but also to balance with the work you must do, so I say be patient and make as wise of a decisions with your women as you do your music.

I know plenty women will take offense to me calling them distractions but it is what it is. Women know that if they are sexy they can manipulate a weak man into spending more money than they own and doing things they would never do. Yet if a man were to trick off on a women they are losing the funds required to continue their path for most likely sexual gratification that gets us nowhere. That is a distraction no matter how you look at it and if you are supposed to be grinding women will take you off course and you may never return. 

Look at the past of great musicians who ended up broke; the majority of musicians that were not on crack had two things in common, alimony and child support. This is the end of the road for all musicians it seems, a woman takes everything they are worth and to make ends meet they sell their publishing if they owned any. If you own publishing you never sell it, no matter how much people try to force your hand or how bleak things get because they can’t put you in jail for being broke and publishing is long run money if you have hits.

The moral to this story is women are a dangerous element to life. They can bring you down when you are on top and also keep you from seeing your potential if you allow it. I’m never going to tell you to give up sex because that’s impossible but I will tell you to be careful on whom you choose. If you deal with a woman who flips the script on you then you have no one to blame but yourself for dealing with a woman for all the wrong reasons. Understand the consequences of dealing with the wrong woman can last a lifetime.