A mistake that too many people make is going to to get their daily news.  If you go on their right now I’m sure all you will see is a bunch of ignorant shit.  There are probably a couple fights, whores shaking ass, random funny videos, and music videos from both independent and major artists.  Really there are only a few substantially positive videos that were ever posted on this site in which portray the worst lifestyles as standard.  You have issues if you think that this website shows real life, it is really just a collection of viral adult content videos for the sake of making a profit.

I believe WSHH is just a website spin off from BET Uncut from back in the day.  It is a forum for the uncensored music videos to target hip hop fans.  Sex is an industry that is recession proof and guaranteed success if you are promoted well.  This concept is genius because once BET Uncut was cancelled there was always a void that was never filled.  Don’t get it twisted there was a reason it lasted so long, people actually stayed up to watch it but many will never admit it.  Also if you look at the view counts on of stupid shit like random fights you will see people love to watch it for one reason or another.  WSHH combined the two and got a name for it that is worth more money than you could believe.

I can’t be mad at WSHH because they are getting paid providing a service but the people who go to this site religiously are a problem.  I go to stay up on the latest rap videos and take nothing else as face value.  Yet some people look at these videos and use them to expand their beliefs.  For instance racist people will go to WSHH to re affirm their false sense of superiority over minorities; and WSHH gives them all the material they need.  Then young kids watching people act a fool is never good because it can prolong the cycle of stupidity.

The moral to this story is everything you see on WSHH is designed to cater to ignorance not intelligence.  That’s why this shit is so popular and making huge sums of money off advertisements.  If you are a browser of WSHH do yourself a favor and also read from reputable smaller sites to get your facts.  Trust me Hip Hop has a lot of positive aspects that go unknown because all forms of mainstream will only promote the worse shit.